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von Meyenburg Complex

von Meyenburg complexes are considered to be small biliary hamartomas. In ultrasound, a finding like this is typical, showing numerable small calcifications in the liver.

This is a rare disease. Thommesen studied 2000 consecutive liver needle biopsies, and found biliary hamartomas in 12 (Thommesen N. Biliary hamartomas (von Meyenburg complexes) in liver needle biopsies. Acta Pathol Microbiol Scand (A) 1978; 86 (2):93-9).It may be associated with polycystic kidney disease, and it has been indicated, that they may give rise to cholangiocarcinoma.

These lesions (here one seen in a CT-scan) are symptomfree, and except for the associations mentioned above of no clinical importance.