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SLIDE SHOW: The Normal Gastrointestinal Channel

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Larynx with the vocal cords clearly visible. Just click on the picture to get a magnification.



Gastric fundus, the "roof of the stomach" seen from below with the endoscope in an inverted position

A normal gastric body (the upper half of the stomach, corpus ventriculi)

Peristaltic wave in the gastric antrum

The gastric antrum and pylorus

A normal duodenal bulb seen through the pylorus

A normal duodenal bulb (bulbus duodeni)

A normal descending duodenum

Ileum terminale, the very last part of the small bowel

A normal ileocaecal valve (valvula Bauhini)

Appendix aperture in the caecum

The ileocaecal valve (valvula Bauhini), caecum and the first part of the ascending colon

Colon transversum

Colon descendens

A normal sigmoid colon

A normal rectum

Ampulla recti

Linea dentata (also called linea anorectalis, anorectal junction, anocutaneous line) seen from the inside of the rectum with the endoscope in an inverted position


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