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Coeliac Disease, Severe Mucosal Damage in the Descending Duodenum

The endoscopic images in this site are mostly quite compressed in order to make the transmissions times as short as possible. Sometimes it is however nice to have high resolution images, for example for publications, text books or lectures. In these "high resolution files" some larger images are displayed.

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Coeliac Disease (Gluten-sensitive enteropathy) A disease the typical feature of which is an intestinal mucosa damage secondary to the intake of gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Symptoms may start in early childhood or in adult life. The clinical picture is of two types: intestinal symptoms or symptoms due to nutritional deficiencies (anaemia, osteoporosis). If untreated there is an elevated risk of intestinal malignancies. The prevalence of coeliac disease is probably about 1/100. A preliminary diagnose can be made by serology (Gliadin-, endomysium and reticulin-antibodies) but to get a firm diagnose a small bowel biopsy is needed. The treatment of this disease is a lifelong och strict glutenfree diet, and when properly treated, the prognosis is excellent.

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