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SLIDE SHOW: Candida Oesophagitis

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Endoscopic severity of Kodsiís grading. A: Grade I, a few raised white plaques up to 2 mm in size without edema or ulceration. Grade II, multiple raised white plaques greater than 2 mm in size without ulceration. Grade III, confluent, linear, and nodular elevated plaques. Grade IV, finding of grade III with increased friability of the mucous membranes and occasional narrowing of the lumen. (Ishimura, So & Nagata, Naoyoshi & Shimbo, Takuro & Asayama, Naoki & Akiyama, Junichi & Ohmagari, Norio & Yazaki, Hirohisa & Oka, Shinichi & Uemura, Naomi. (2013). Factors Associated with Esophageal Candidiasis and Its Endoscopic Severity.

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