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The GASTROLAB Home Page is dedicated to digestive disorders. We have been on the Net since March 24th, 1996 (18 years - a long time in the Internet context! - in March 2014 we celebrated our 18th Year on the Net!). These pages are updated once a week, usually on Sunday evenings, with a larger global update once a month - so, please, bookmark this site and come back! There will be very few interesting aspects in Gastroenterology that cannot be reached through these pages! Many sites change in the Internet, but this site will always be here - at least for the next 30 years! Now it is possible to buy books through this home page - why visit our Book Store?

Some examples of endoscopic images in this site:

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Please notice, that the information in this home page is for information purposes only and not intended to give any definite medical diagnosis or treatment guidelines. Please, read our disclaimer.

... and a lot lot more images can be found in our Endoscopy Images Library!

High resolution images for publishing purposes

These E-Magazines - with new content nearly every day - are easiest to read in a tablet or phablet. Just load the "Flipboard"-application and make a search for "endoscopy". But You can read them in any computer. Please click on the image.

The Best Image Library in the World!

That is what we would like Gastrolab Image Library and Endoscopic Archives to be.

Perhaps We can achieve this together? Many of You have ecxellent endoscopic images just waiting for publication. When published they can be an invaluable resource for young endoscopists and for gastroenterologic education. Images published here can freely be used for noncommercial purposes.

So, please email Your images here
together with a short caption, a notice that our site is permitted to publish them and information if You want a copyright sign together with You email address (in which case possible commercial publishers can contact You to get permission to publish Your images).

Together we can make the best and most complete Image Library in the World!

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Endoscopy Slide-Shows

March 17, 2014